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Wearing them with confidence will take you a long way! A V-neck t-shirt actually accentuates being a man.

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deep v neck t shirts for men from Gap are a fashion favorite for a stylish look. Find deep v neck t shirts for men in the latest designs and the hottest colors of the season.
Free shipping and returns on Men's Black V-Neck T-Shirts at
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V-neck shirts for men from Banana Republic are available in soft, natural cotton fabrics. Find our men's v-neck shirts in both long and short sleeves. V-neck T-shirts for Men. Side Navigation. Categories Categories what's new. Categories new arrivals. One-Stop Shirt Shop. featured shops. Categories BR X Kevin Love Collaboration.
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Made from % cotton, this Superman V-neck t-shirt for men features a bright, screen-printed, red and yellow Superman symbol. And yes, it's an optional costume change when the closest threat is an EDM festival and NOT Braniac.

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Nothing that shows too much man-cleavage. The key is also in your last sentence…. To me, increasing depth of the v-neck tends to have a negative correlation to the relative metro-ness of the guy wearing the shirt; that is, when I see guys wearing a deep cut v-neck their style tends to be more indy hipster than metro, neither of which is bad. V-Necks are few and far between in my wardrobe and none are t-shirts.

That is because I have chest hair and more than a little bit of it. I keep it trimmed around the neckline but let the rest live its life. I saw what happened when my brother trimmed his up. I think the V is in the preference of the guy. Although super deep Vs are frightening, looks like you are wearing a lady shirt. Those are my go to stores. I only wear the Calvin Klein t-shirts, both crew and v-neck, and black and white.

I wear v-neck sweaters all the time in the fall and winter, but it will be months before I consider adding any t-shirts to my wardrobe. I purchase mine from Gap when they go on sale. Another stupid question from me; Would you consider the shirt in the above picture skimming or clinging the body? Interesting that an interesting in clothing is described as if it were a sexual orientation.

Worn V-necks for years and will continue to do so. Looks best when it matches with the picture above. Crew necks tend to be really unflattering for me. V-necks look good, but the most they show is the dip between my collarbones, like the photo used in the article. To be honest, I hate V-necks on men. We now live in a society where femininity in men is not only accepted but seems to be encouraged. The great thing about sweaters — v necks in particular — is not just how they look, but how they feel.

Sweaters are really comfortable when they fit well. It should lightly hug your body and arms. The elastic bands at the wrists and bottom should hug your body but not squeeze it; they should adjust to the natural contours of your body. The bands at the wrist should also be tight enough so you can push the sleeves up your arm and stay in place, not slide down.

Cashmere is the most luxurious kind of wool, but it is unfortunately also the most expensive. You can still pull off the look in the spring or even summer, but a cotton fabric sweater will be your best bet in the warmer weather.

V-neck sweaters look great with or without patterns. A plain v neck in black, brown, gray, or navy blue look extremely sharp and can be worn with nearly anything. Black, navy blue, brown, and darker shades of green will look great during the colder months.

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